Game Day Fan Pulse: Colts v. Texans


Well, Colts fans, it’s come down to this.   If the Colts lose just one of their next two games, then they own the first pick in the 2012 draft, and the real fun begins.   If they win both of their games, then there is the distinct possibility that the Minnesota Vikings or St. Louis Rams, or both, will leapfrog the Colts and take away their presumed shot at Andrew Luck.  So, which way are you rooting?  Are you a diehard who NEVER wants to see the Colts lose today, no matter what it means for tomorrow? Or are you nervous that they’ll blow landing that top pick, like they did that perfect season a couple of years ago?

More to the current point, do you think the Colts can beat the visiting, division champion Houston Texans?  Tell us your thoughts below.