The Zippy and The Chippy – Colts v. Titans (Game 14)


Holy Colt crap, y’all!  Indianapolis finally won a game in the 2011 NFL season, against a real professional football team, and it really wasn’t all that close, either.    The Colts took care of business on December 18, downing the Tennessee Titans by a score of 27-13, through a team effort that made me feel all warm and fuzzy heading into Christmas week.  Heck, if this were the first game of the season, “Peyton Who?” might be the hue and cry around Circle City tonight.

The Zippy

  • Like Pamela Anderson, Donald Brown is not as busty as he at first appeared to be.
  • Jacob Lacey may not be anyone’s idea of a cornerstone cornerback, but he sure did a good job of turning this game on a dime.
  • Ernie Sims picked up all of his busted body parts and led the world with 14 tackles.
  • Pat Angerer rolled on, recording nine tackles.
  • Chris Rucker plastered Titans ball carriers eight times.
  • Dan Orlovsky “managed” this game and, while not spectacular, picked up his first ever victory as an NFL starter.

The Chippy

Just for this one week, let’s not dwell on the negative, OK?   The Colts won! The Colts won! The Colts won!