The Day the Earth Stood Still: Colts Beat Titans!


Holy Colts, the lovable losers pulled one out.   Actually, that description does not give nearly enough credit to the Indianapolis Colts’ performance today at home against the Tennessee Titans.  In securing their first win of 2011,  the Colts looked pretty good in just about every facet of the game, at least compared to what we’ve witnessed most of the season.  Sure, quarterback Dan Orlovsky turned some pretty anemic passing numbers, but he didn’t really need to be stellar, thanks to a strong defensive performance and a breakout game by running back Donald Brown.  On the day, Brown carried the ball 16 times for a monstrous 161 yards, including an 80-yard touchdown runs.

Aside from the Colts’ breaking into the win column, several other “firsts” were recorded in this game:  Orlovsky picked up his first win as an NFL starter, the Colts won their first game with someone other than Peyton Manning since 1997, and the 2008 Detroit Lions took their first easy breaths of the season.   You can rest easy, guys.