Peyton Manning is Throwing


Peyton is throwing!  Peyton is throwing!

Beleaguered Colts head coach told the media on Wednesday that prodigal quarterback Peyton Manning has reached a milestone in his rehab from September neck surgery … Manning is throwing the football again!  Now, the question is whether this is good or bad for the team in a big-picture sense.  It’s certainly refreshing to hear some good news from the Manning camp, but it does kind of muddy the water, even more than it has been, regarding Indy’s quarterback situation for next year.   A healthy Manning would be hard to turn away from, even if the Colts had Andrew Luck around to pick up the pieces.

Hey, maybe  the Colts will win out, lose the first pick, and make the whole thing moot.   I’m not counting on that, though.  I am counting on months and months of QB fun!