Will Jim Caldwell Join Sparano and Haley in ‘Fired’ Line?


It’s no secret that the Indianapolis Colts are terrible this year, maybe historically so.   It’s also no secret that general manager and owner fuses are shorter than ever in the NFL, where every team expects to win the Super Bowl every season.  For the latest evidence of such, see the recent firings of Tony Sparano in Miami and Todd Haley in Kansas City.   Given this confluence of events, is there anyway that Colts coach Jim Caldwell can keep his job?   Well, 0-16 would surely be the death knoll, as president Bill Polian told it on local radio Monday:

"My fervent hope is that Jim’s job is not in jeopardy because my fervent hope is that we don’t go 0-16. And we’re doing everything we can to try and avoid that."

It’s hard for me to believe that Caldwell hasn’t already punched his ticket out of town, with Polian’s sit-on-his-hands help, of course.  I think Polian will have to can Caldwell to save his own hide, but a healthy return by Peyton Manning could give Caldwell a reprieve, I suppose.

At least the “Caldwell Watch” gives us something to do until the draft.