Power Rankings for Week 14


Each week after Monday Night game(s) has concluded, I’ll  publish my list of NFL power rankings.  Here is the pecking order for Week 14.

1) Green Bay Packers  – Does it even matter whom they play now?

2) New Orleans Saints –  Not much offense by their standards, but still got it done against the Titans.

3) Baltimore Ravens  – Terrell Suggs swallowed Dan Orlovsky whole.

4)  Pittsburgh Steelers  –  Gritty Big Ben leads Steelers to victory.

5)  Houston Texans  – Texans took a squeaker in Cincy.

6)  San Francisco 49ers  – Some sort of cosmic symmetry in former Stanford coach being beaten by, you know, the Cardinal(s).

7) New England Patriots  – Held off the Redskins in Washington.

8) New York Jets  – Sanchez continues string of strong performances.

9) Detroit Lions  –  Lions outlasted Vikes at home.

10)  New York Giants  –  G-Men leapfrog Dallas.

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11) Atlanta Falcons  – Big fourth quarter by Matt Ryan lifts Falcons.

12)  Denver Broncos  –  Say it with me: “Tebow knows how to win.”

13) Dallas Cowboys  –  The ‘Boys couldn’t quite pull it out against Eli.

14)  Tennessee Titans  – Their run ended at the hands of Drew Brees.

15) San Diego Chargers – Here go the Chargers on their customary late-season run.

16)  Cincinnati Bengals  – Playoff hopes are probably gone now.

17) Philadelphia Eagles  – Vick, and victory, back on tap for Philly.

18)  Seattle Seahawks   –  Seahawks handled the Rams easily.

19)  Chicago Bears  –   Nasty OT loss to Broncos … and Tebow.

20)  Oakland Raiders  –  Raiders should have just stayed out of Green Bay.

21)  Arizona Cardinals  – Amazing! Cardinals stun 49ers.

22) Buffalo Bills  – Bye bye, Bills.

23)  Miami Dolphins  –  Helped reeling Eagles heal up.

24)  Kansas City Chiefs –  Chiefs continue bouncing with loss to Jets.

25)  Carolina Panthers  – Newton can’t match Ryan, Falcons.

26)  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  – Lost the latest Battle of Florida, and how.

27) Washington Redskins  – Can’t catch up to Pats at home.

28)  Minnesota Vikings  – Vikes gave Lions a little scare.

29)  Cleveland Browns  – Can’t knock off the Steelers, but kept it fairly close.

30)  Jacksonville Jaguars  –  Now we all know that the preferred protein source for Jaguars is pirates.

31)  St. Louis Rams  – Rams couldn’t touch the Seahawks.

32) Indianapolis Colts – Baltimore homecoming was as ugly as could be.