Colts Lose to Baltimore Ravens, Orlovsky Battered


The Indianapolis Colts took one more step toward immortality this afternoon when they lost in Baltimore, 24-10.  All things considered, this was one of the uglier losses in this season-long run of losses, rivaling the debacle in New Orleans.   At least then we could blame the meltdown on Curtis Painter, but this baby was all Dan Orlovsky’s.  While Orlovsky didn’t run out of the back of the end zone, he was sacked three times and fumbled the ball three times.  He did, however, make a life-long friend in linebacker Terrell Suggs.

The Colts are now down to three games to try and pick up a win on this season.  At this point, though, does anybody really care?  The front office and coaching staff have obviously chucked this whole ball of wax, intentionally, to gain the first pick in next year’s draft.   What they do with that pick is anybody’s guess at this point, but my guess is that not all of the guys calling the shots right now will have any real say in that  springtime decision.