The Trojan Horse: Colts at Ravens (Game 13)


Each week during the season we’ll talk with the FanSided editor who covers the Colts’ upcoming opponent and try to get a better understanding of the enemy before us.    This week, we perch Trojan Horse on Poe’s window ledge to talk  Baltimore Ravens with Riley Babcock of  “Ebony Bird.”

1) The Ravens have been a little up and down this season, but they seem to be hitting their stride.   Do you think they have a decent chance at playing in Indy in February?

"Home field advantage plays a big role. They’ll definitely make the playoffs but either the one or two seed is a necessity if they really want to do something special. They’re almost impossible to beat at home and having a home playoff game for the first time in 5 years would really be something special for the city of Baltimore. Also, their last bye was in week 5 and they could definitely use the rest before they make a push for the Lombardi."

2)  Which Ravens players have surprised you the most (good or bad) so far this season?

"Torrey Smith was a pleasant surprise in a good way and a bad way. I didn’t expect him to do much but I was at least counting on him to be a consistent player. Watching him drop a few key balls was something that worried me but he had a couple of huge games that really impressed me.I knew T-Sizzle would ball this season but I couldn’t predict that he would do this. He’s simply a machine and one of the league’s most feared pass rushers. He’s become a vocal team leader and really stepped up this year."

3)  What key match-ups should we keep an eye on this week?

"Dwight Freeney and Bryant McKinnie should be a good one. McKinnie shut down Freeney when they were in college and I’m sure Freeney would like to get some payback. On the other side, Robert Mathis and Michael Oher will be fun to watch too. Oher has had some trouble with false starts and holding and I wouldn’t be surprised if Mathis forces him to commit some dumb penalties.Dan Orlovsky didn’t look half bad against the Patriots. I’d like to see how he does against a tough Ravens’ D. He’s certainly getting thrown into the flames, but if he wants to prove that he can play against the best, now’s his chance."

4)  Ray Lewis is 36 now and has said he wants to finish his career in Baltimore.  How much longer do you think he’ll play?

"He really wants another Super Bowl and if he accomplishes that, he’ll definitely retire. I’d like to think he will continue playing until he gets that ring but time is running short. He said in an interview that he can’t imagine playing past 37 but he just may do that if he can get another ring. If I had to guess, I’d say two more years unless he wins a Super Bowl."

5)  Finally, what are your predictions for the game?

"I live by the any given Sunday mentality and usually stray from making predictions for just that reason. The way I see it, football is a simple game and whoever wants it more will always win. On paper, the Ravens should kill the Colts but anything can happen on any given Sunday."