Archie Tells How Peyton Manning REALLY Feels About Andrew Luck


Archie Manning thinks that Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck would have trouble co-existing on the same team.  No, wait!  Archie heard the question wrong and now thinks that Peyton and Andrew would be solid chums while sharing a sideline.

In opposing interviews over the last two days, the elder Manning seemed to tip Peyton’s hand with regard to the future Hall of Famer’s take on the brewing controversy in Indianapolis, only to backpedal away from the precipice.    Or did Bill Polian simply pull the marionette strings to snatch Archie from that yawning media hole?

What do you think?   Which Archie was right?   Would Peyton “play nice” with little Andrew, or would one or the other of them need a timeout?    Tell us below.