Power Rankings for Week 13


Each week after Monday Night game(s) has concluded, I’ll  publish my list of NFL power rankings.  Here is the pecking order for Week 13.

1) Green Bay Packers  – Packers win seesaw battle in New York.

2) New Orleans Saints –  Brees has another big game.

3) Baltimore Ravens  – Former Browns thumped current Browns in Cleveland.

4)  San Francisco 49ers  – Easy win over lowly Rams.

5)  Pittsburgh Steelers  –  Buried supposed rival Bengals.

6)  Houston Texans  – Texans solid even with revolving quarterbacks.

7) New England Patriots  – Even the Colts lit up the Pats’ secondary, eventually.

8) New York Jets  – Sanchez buries Redskins late.

9) Detroit Lions  –  Lions couldn’t overcome loss of Suh in getting shredded by Lions.

10)  Tennessee Titans  – Titans starting to look like a playoff team.

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11) Atlanta Falcons  – Falcons continue yo-yo season with loss to Texans.

12) Dallas Cowboys  –  Couldn’t gain on Giants thanks to OT loss.

13)  New York Giants  –  Eli just can’t quite get back the elite QBs this season.

14)  Cincinnati Bengals  – Shine is dulling on the Bengals’ 2011 season.

15)  Denver Broncos  –  Tebow may have the Broncos playoff-bound.

16)  Chicago Bears  –   No Cutler, no Forte, no wins.

17)  Oakland Raiders  –  No match for the (ugh) Dolphins.

18) San Diego Chargers – Made it look easy against the Jags.

19) Philadelphia Eagles  – This Dream Team is a nightmare.

20) Buffalo Bills  – The hot start is now just a distant memory.

21)  Miami Dolphins  –  Dolphins a much different (better) team than the one that opened the season.

22)  Kansas City Chiefs –  Big defensive effort in Chicago.

23)  Arizona Cardinals  – Nice OT win against Cowboys.

24) Seattle Seahawks   –  Seahawks trounced the surprisingly bad Eagle.

25)  Carolina Panthers  – Nice win in Tampa.

26)  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  – It’s official: Bucs were pretenders.

27) Washington Redskins  – Let Mark Sanchez slip through their fingers.

28)  Minnesota Vikings  – Big O little d.

29)  Cleveland Browns  – The Ravens came to Cleveland to snack on some Brownies.

30)  Jacksonville Jaguars  –  Blown out at home against the struggling Chargers.

31)  St. Louis Rams  – Rams couldn’t touch the 49ers.

32) Indianapolis Colts – Dan Orlovsky looked good in loss to New England.