stat line on Sunday: 30-for-37, 353 yards, and two ..."/> stat line on Sunday: 30-for-37, 353 yards, and two ..."/>

Orlovsky cool against the Patriots, Ravens await


Quarterback Dan Orlovsky turned in this stat line on Sunday: 30-for-37, 353 yards, and two touchdowns.  Pretty impressive stuff in his first start of the year for the Indianapolis Colts. However, the most impressive part of his game was his ability to rally the troops late in the fourth quarter to bring the Colts back from a 31-3 deficit to pull within seven points of the mighty New England Patriots. Sure, most of the credit for that rebound should be given to the Patriots 32nd ranked pass defense, but Orlovsky looked like a pro quarterback, something the Colts haven’t exactly had over the last couple of weeks.

By no means is Orlovsky the guy to get us to the promised land, but he proved to be an efficient quarterback by putting the Colts in position to score points, which is something Curtis Painter was struggling with.  The big question for Orlovsky is, can he carry momentum from this game into the next one against the Baltimore Ravens. While the Ravens may rank in the top five for pass defense, they are susceptible to air attacks on occasion, and the Colts clearly have talented receivers who can get open.

It was refreshing to see Orlovsky stay cool in the pocket even while it was collapsing around him.  Seeing that kind of confidence should have Colts supporters looking forward to the next few games. Orlovsky will to need to remain calm next week as well when the Colts take on Terrell Suggs and company, who are known for rushing the passer extremely well. As long as Orlovsky doesn’t relive his Detroit Lions glory days and run out of the back of the end zone for a safety, he should remain the starter in Indianapolis.