Dan Orlovsky, Colts Fall Short in Comeback Against Patriots


Did anyone think, beforehand, that the final score of the Colts game in New England today would be 31-24?  I certainly didn’t, and Vegas obviously didn’t, so we can take some solace in the fact the Indianapolis managed to end record a seven-point loss to a strong team.   That said, we it’s also true that 14 points came very late in the game and were the result of nice two-minute drills run by Dan Orlovsky.   So, the final score is probably not indicative of the relative talent levels of the two teams, but it’s something to build our hopes on for next week, and that is a luxury we haven’t had for a long while now.

For the game, Orlovksy’s stats were about as good as Tom Brady’s, and the fact that the Colts’ new starting QB didn’t choke down the stretch is refreshing.   Sure, it’s hard to choke when you’re already down by 28, and, yes, the Patriots’ secondary is pretty bad, but this team didn’t completely lay down.   And wasn’t it cool to see the Colts having something to play for with less than a minute left in the game.

I sure think so, and I’ll probably be drinking Orlovsky Kool-Aid all week.   Mmmmm.