Colts Notes for November 30


November  ended as it began and as every day this NFL season has begun and ended:  with zero Colts victories and a walking grass stain preparing to start at quarterback.     Larry Coyer may be gone, but at least Our Him Jim is still around, right?   Wednesday’s notes:

  • Safety Jermale Hines was signed to the active roster and was issued the standard flame-retardant jersey worn by all members of the Colts’ secondary.
  • Coach Jim Caldwell says he has confidence in QB Dan Orlovsky.   “He was able to catch onto our system pretty fast,” Caldwell intoned.    Sure he was … I mean, Orlovsky practically drafted the blueprint for the 2011 Colts when he was with the Lions in 2008.
  • Peyton Manning met with doctors to discuss his recovery from neck surgery.   Coyer met with specialists to discuss his recovery from Polians.
  • The Colts cut TE Dedrick Epps from their practice squad.   Reached for comment, Epps said that he was very thankful for this new opportunity.
  • Not practicing Wednesday were Dwight Freeney, Ryan Diem, Brody Eldridge, Ryan Mahaffey, Anthony Gonzalez, Drake Nevis, Jeff Saturday, and Ron Mexico.

Will the Colts parlay all of these happenings into a big W in Brady’s house this Sunday?     Stranger things have happened, but not unless Rod Serling was directing the affairs.