Curtis Painter Era Over for Colts?


Yesterday was a watershed in the history of the 2011 Indianapolis Colts.   Not only did head coach Jim Caldwell announce the firing of defensive coordinator Larry Coyer, Coach also told the world that Dan Orlovsky, and not Curtis Painter, would start Sunday in Foxboro against the New England Patriots.  Caldwell told us before the game against Carolina that Painter deserved a solid shot at proving himself, a decent run of games.    Apparently one game, in which Painter was actually better than he has been lately, was plenty.

The major players in the Colts’ organization are clearly in CYA mode with five games lost in this historically bad season, and you can expect to rolling over to continue.   Caldwell has rolled on Coyer and Painter, and he’ll probably roll on other players if he gets the chance, and maybe other assistants.   Bill and Chris Polian will probably roll on Caldwell when the season is over.  Heck, the whole franchise might roll on Peyton Manning by drafting Andrew Luck.

Or … the QB move could just be a mercy benching so that Orlovsky, not Painter, suffers the indignity of the events that will unfold on Sunday.