Power Rankings for Week 12


Each week after Monday Night game(s) has concluded, I’ll  publish my list of NFL power rankings.  Here is the pecking order for Week 12.

1) Green Bay Packers  – Turkey day in Detroit was no problem for the Packers.

2) New Orleans Saints –  Brees sailed along against Giants.

3) Baltimore Ravens  – John won the battle of the Harbaughs, Round One.

4)  San Francisco 49ers  – Niners lost the battle of defenses.

5)  Pittsburgh Steelers  –  Not much offense, but then not much was needed against the Chiefs.

6) New England Patriots  – Pretty easy win in Philly.

7)  Houston Texans  – Texans win, but Matt Leinart era may already be over.

8) Detroit Lions  –  Lions may be comers, but they still can’t win on Thanksgiving.

9) Dallas Cowboys  –  Cowboys nearly became latest victims of Dolphins juggernaut.

10) Atlanta Falcons  – Falcons easily handled Vikings at home.

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11) New York Jets  – Encouraging to see Sanchez as the star of a game, any game.

12)  New York Giants  – No match for Saints.

13)  Cincinnati Bengals  – Bengals stayed in playoff hunt with win over Browns.

14)  Chicago Bears  –   Life with Hanie will be bumpy.

15)  Tennessee Titans  – Look out NFL: Chris Johnson may be back (190 yards v. Bucs).

16)  Oakland Raiders  –  Hold on against readjusting Bears.

17)  Denver Broncos  –  Broncos keeping pace with Raiders.

18) Philadelphia Eagles  – Lots of yards for VY, but way too little scoring.

19) Buffalo Bills  – Nearly stole one in New York against the Jets.

20) San Diego Chargers – Chargers are pretty much done.  Is Norv?

21)  Kansas City Chiefs –  Played the Steelers close, but they need more O.

22)  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  – Bucs continue their collapse, on the season and in their game against the Titans.

23)  Miami Dolphins  –  Almost got a big win in Big D.

24) Washington Redskins  – Road win is always a boost, even if it’s in Seattle.

25)  Arizona Cardinals  – Cardinals pick up a road win against the lowly Rams.

26) Seattle Seahawks   –  Losing at home to the 2011 Redskins is bad business.

27)  Minnesota Vikings  – The losing continued for the Vikes.

28)  Cleveland Browns  – Lose latest battle of Ohio in Cincy.

29)  Carolina Panthers  – A trip to Indianapolis can fix almost anything.

30)  Jacksonville Jaguars  –  Not good enough to beat any version of the Texans, even at home.

31)  St. Louis Rams  – Rams couldn’t even take down the weak-sister Cardinals … in St. Louis.

32) Indianapolis Colts – Defense looked decent in loss to Cam Newton and Panthers.