Colts Fire Larry Coyer


Indianapolis Colts head coach Jim Caldwell announced today that defensive coordinator Larry Coyer has been fired and will be replaced linebackers coach Mike Murphy.   Lots of fans and folks in the media have been unhappy with Coyer almost since the day he replaced Ron Meeks in 2009.   Certainly, the defense has been revealed to be a house of cards this year, but then so has the entire team, and Murphy will need all the luck he can get to hold onto any position with Indy beyond the end of the season.

In fact, Coyer is probably just the first in a lineup of market-bound sheep currently residing at West 56th Street.  If Caldwell survives into 2012, I’ll eat his hat, and the Polians (Bill and Chris) will have to do some fancy dancing stick around, despite owner Jim Irsay’s insistence that he still believes in them.

Maybe the Colts could draft Andrew Luck, lure Jim Harbaugh back as head coach and find a place for Iron Mike Singletary as DC.  I have no idea whether Singletary could hold it together as part of the supporting cast, but he would be fun to have around.

And Peyton Manning?      He’ll be the highest-priced OC in the land.