Colts Lose to Panthers, Maintain Momentum Out of Bye


Have no fear, Colts fans:  The Streak is intact!  The Indianapolis Colts roared out of their bye week with a game at home against the Carolina Panthers, and, even though Cam Newton and his teammates did enough to keep the score fairly close, the outcome was never really in doubt.  Was it?

Nah, it wasn’t.   The score was tied at 10 going into the half, and the Panthers padded their lead by just four points in the third quarter, but they added another four to the margin early in the fourth.   That was due largely to a two-point attempt after Reggie Wayne scored a touchdown with about eight minutes to go.    Being down by eight meant that the Colts had to score twice, or actually convert a two-pointer later on, and the pressure was just too much.

Imperfection is intact.   The 2008 Detroit Lions still have their champagne on ice.  And Dan Orlovsky was nowhere to be seen.