It’s ‘Clinching Season’ for the Indianapolis Colts


It’s been a season unlike any other for the Indianapolis Colts, and as the weather turns cold for real and the turkeys scurry in from the fields to the dinner table, the denouement of this debacle could turn truly interesting.

Even  a bye week couldn’t keep the Colts from their march toward history.  Entering Sunday’s games, the Colts had already mathematically eliminated themselves from any chance at winning the AFC South title.    With the weekend’s games now in the books, here is where the Colts stand in the other races.

  • With the Ravens win, Colts’ “magic number” for being eliminated from the playoffs is 2.
  • Andrew Luck inched closer to Indy with wins by the Seahawks and Dolphins.   The Rams, Panthers, and Vikings remain in the hunt.
  • The Colts remain the only team with a shot at going 0-16, because no other club has become embroiled in a scandal that would erase one of their previous wins.

Only six weeks remain for the Colts to put their final stamp on this season, and we all wait anxiously to see what happens.   Will they, in Colts fashion, rest their starters at the end, thereby improving enough to win a game or two?   Will they, in Pacers style, “catch fire” and win three or four games, thereby royally hosing the whole house of cards?

Only time will tell, but at least we have something to shoot for now!