Quarterback Controversy Brewing for Colts


Thanks to all their losing, the Indianapolis Colts may have a big problem at quarterback soon.  No, not the problem that entails figuring out how to appease both a future Hall of Fame signal caller trying to return from injury and the young hotshot number-one pick who might replace him.  Nope, this issue is much more immediate and could have a huge impact on just where the Colts end up this season.  It also has historical twinges crowding at the edges of the creeping darkness that threatens to swallow the entire 2011 campaign.

To wit, head coach Jim Caldwell is making noises that lead us to believe that Curtis Painter’s benching just may last through the bye week and into the post-Thanksgiving row with the Carolina Panthers.  If, indeed, Painter remains in Coach’s horse barn, then there is only one option as starter for Game 11:  Dan Orlovsky.     This is the same Dan Orlovsky who started seven games for the 2008 Detroit Lions.   As the anti-Dolphins, members of that team gather every week and drink themselves silly until the last winless team bites the dust and pulls one off.      What rich irony if Orlovsky is the fella who drives the next team to 0-16 and keeps the old Lions sober for a whole year!

It’s a wild, wacky stable out there, and things may only get stranger before the Colts pick up their next win.    Speaking of which, which quarterback do you think will record the Colts’ next victory?   Tell us below.