The Trojan Horse: Colts v. Falcons (Game 9)


Each week during the season we’ll talk with the FanSided editor who covers the Colts’ upcoming opponent and try to get a better understanding of the enemy before us.    This time around, we’re sliding our Trojan Horse underneath the Atlanta Falcons’ nest as we talk to Jamie Kelly of  “Blogging Dirty.”

1) After an up and down start, are you still confident in Matt Ryan’s ability to guide the Falcons?

"I am still 100% confident. Falcons fans have seen Matty Ice bring the Falcons back to win games too many times to question his franchise QB status. He has however, made some bad decisions the last few games and doesn’t seem as comfortable as last year. That is partly down to the amount of hits he has taken behind a poor offensive line."

2)  Which Falcons players have surprised you the most (good or bad) so far this season?

"In a good way, it would have to LB Sean Weatherspoon, he has been a flat out beast. In run support he’s flying to the ball carrier and making tackles, whilst also showing off his athleticism in defending the pass. He has been a big breakout player for the Falcons so far.In a bad way, I was hoping for more production from WR Harry Douglass, who looked incredibly promising in pre season. Due to him not getting open/ ball being thrown elsewhere he hasn’t managed to meet my expectations yet this season."

3)  What key match-ups should we keep an eye on this week?

"With Falcons LT Sam Baker out injured for the forsseable future, it will be upto Will Svitek to fill the void. He did a very nice job in relief against the Lions, shutting Kyle Vanden Bosch for the whole game. Against the Colts, however he faces a totally different kettle of fish with Dwight Freeney, whose speed should cause Svitek problems."

4)  The NFC South is about as tough as it gets.   Do you think the Falcons can take the division this year?

"With the Saints losing last week, it opens the door again for big battle down the road. With Carolina being so far back (Despite being a lot better than their record) and Tampa not really posing a serious threat, in truth overall, the Bucs have been the worst team in the NFC South this year. That leaves the Saints and the Falcons to battle it out. I think it will ultimately come down to who wins the head to head matchups between the two."

5)  Finally, what are your predictions for the game?

"The Falcons should win this game comfortably, if they run the ball well early. If they do it could be a long night for the Colts. The Falcons win 34-14."