Power Rankings for Week 8


Each week after Monday Night game(s) has concluded, I’ll  publish my list of NFL power rankings.  Here is the pecking order for Week 8.

1) Green Bay Packers  – The champs got a breather.

2)  San Francisco 49ers  – Frank Gore powers another win.

3)  Pittsburgh Steelers  – Steelers starting to look pretty good..

4) Detroit Lions  –  A trip to Denver healed the Lions.

5) Chicago Bears  –   Bye, Bears.

6)  New York Giants  – Nearly lost to the winless Dolphins.

7) Baltimore Ravens  – Never a good sign when you have to rally, at home, to beat the Cardinals.

8) New York Jets  – What kind of team will emerge after the bye?

9)  Houston Texans  – Arian Foster appears to be all the way back.

1o) Buffalo Bills  – Bills dominated the Redskins in Super Bowl XXVI rematch.

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11) Atlanta Falcons  – Big win in Detroit followed by a little bye.

12) New Orleans Saints –  Did they really lose to the Rams??

13) Philadelphia Eagles  – Philly treated fans to a jump back into contention.

14) New England Patriots  – If the Patriots can’t score, they’re done.

15)  Cincinnati Bengals  – Bengals crushed the Seahawks in Seattle.

16)  Tennessee Titans  – Nice rebound against stinky Horses.

17)  Oakland Raiders  –  Carson Palmer got a bye week to rest and study.

18)  Kansas City Chiefs –  Chiefs look like they’re all the way back from a slow start.

19) San Diego Chargers – You just never know about these AFC West rivalry games.

20) Dallas Cowboys  – Cowboys got TP’ed in Philly.

21) Washington Redskins  – Smoked in blustery Buffalo.

22)  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  – Bucs buy a bye.

23)  Minnesota Vikings  – Nice road win against Cam Newton and the Panthers.

24)  Carolina Panthers  – Panthers still have a ways to go to be decent.

25)  Jacksonville Jaguars  –  No upset this week; Jags lose in Houston.

26)  Cleveland Browns  – No chance against the Niners in San Fran.

27)  St. Louis Rams  – Victory over Saints proves that this NFL season makes no sense.

28)  Denver Broncos  –  Tebow has hashmarks all over his body, not just in his shorts.

29) Seattle Seahawks   –  Big home loss to Cincy.

30)  Arizona Cardinals  – Cardinals have lost six in a row, but nearly clipped the Ravens.

31)  Miami Dolphins  –  Played a really solid game against the Giants, but came up just short.

32) Indianapolis Colts – The Colts can lose however you like them to.