The Zippy and The Chippy – Colts at Titans (Game 8)


Well, the Colts are halfway home.  After Sunday’s 27-10 loss to the Titans, Indianapolis stands at 0-8 on the season and has a chance to go perfect in reverse.   The winless season is a rare event, and, in fact, has only been accomplished once in the 16-game era.   The Detroit Lions pulled off the feat just three seasons ago, and now members of that squad have to be getting nervous about the Colts.    While we ponder the historical place of this moribund team, here are the stars and anti-stars of the Clash in the Nash.

The Zippy

  • Delone Carter did OK again, running nine times for 46 yards.
  • Curtis Painter turned into the featured back, running seven times for 79 yards.
  • Pat Angerer got back to double-digits in tackles.
  • DT  Ricardo Matthews sacked Matt Hasselbeck.

The Chippy

  • After a couple of strong weeks, the Colts’ starting quarterback has turned into Curtis Painter right before our eyes.  Two interceptions.  Two sacks.  Passer rating of 50.6.
  • Colts special teams allowed a blocked-punt touchdown and fumbled the ball once (but recovered it, at least).
  • Again … take a knee, Joe.