Indianapolis Colts Lose to New Orleans Saints, 62-7


As if to prove a point, the Indianapolis Colts went out and played with real purpose on Sunday night in New Orleans against the Saints.    All week long, we heard complaints about the Colts could have won several of their games so far this year but then consistently and purposefully blew their chance in the fourth quarter.   It was all about Andrew Luck, the naysayers as naysaid.

After this Big Queasy (Colts lost 62-7), though, no one can convince ME that the Colts aren’t worthy of the number one pick come next April.  Who else could allow the most points by an opponent since the NFL-AFL merger in 1492?   Well, there have been a few, but not THIS season!    The Colts got smoked in every area of play against the Saints, though, so even if they get Number 1, they may not get Luck.  Maybe they could nab Doc Oc to pick up a few extra pairs of hands, because holding onto the football has become an issues.

But then, so has everything else, like passing, running, catching, hurting and coaching.   At least this stinker delivered a few trite quotes.

“We just didn’t play near well enough,”  illuminated Curtis Painter.    Joe Tiller must be proud to have produced such an articulate young man.

So, you see, the Colts really can drive home a point.  It’s just that, sometimes, their emPHAsis is on the wrong sylLABle.