Fantasy Football Update Week 7




Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos

“If god is with us, then who could be against us?” That’s the mantra I’m following for starting Tim Tebow this week. Tebow can run really well, and that makes him a dual threat.  He also gets the Dolphins, who are playing bad football, especially on defense.   The fins even made the Jets look good last week.

Matt Cassel, Kansas City Chiefs

A couple of weeks ago, I said that Matt Cassel is a bad quarterback.  While I won’t back off of that statement, I will admit that he is competent enough to get the ball to Dwayne Bowe and Steve Breaston. Cassel is a good option, especially if you have a bye week and especially now that Jason Campbell is done and Carson Palmer won’t have learned the offense in such a short time.


Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens

He may have a sweet matchup against the Jaguars, but Flacco isn’t playing up to his potential. To me, this is one of those matchups where you expect a big game but the final score ends up being 14-10, with all defensive touchdowns.

Sam Bradford/AJ Feeley, St. Louis Rams

Both guys are on a bad team with no receiving talent other than Brandon Lloyd.   Bradford’s stock has risen but he has yet to practice, so who knows how long it will take chemistry to develop between the duo.   As for Feeley, well, he’s just a bad quarterback.

Running Backs


Rashard Mendenhall, Pittsburgh Steelers

It was good to see Mendenhall have a decent game last week, and I think he should get into a little bit of a groove here against the Arizona Cardinals, who have struggled against the run.

Ryan Matthews, San Diego Chargers

At the beginning of the season, the Jets were automatic when it came to stopping the run, but not so much as we enter Week 7. The Jets are allowing over 130 yards rushing a game this year, which may be  the worst performance by a Rex Ryan defense, ever.


Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks

A matchup against the tough Cleveland defense on the road, and let us not forget that Tarvaris Jackson probably won’t be starting. Expect a lot of eight-man fronts against a weak Seahawks offensive line.  While this will not be the worst game for Lynch, it certainly isn’t a favorable matchup.

Jackie Battle, Kansas City Chiefs

Dexter McCluster should be more effective against a very tough Oakland defense that in my opinion is kind of slow.  I see them more as a big brutish defense. Therefore, I can see the Chiefs using multiple backs to change the pace, and I’m not entirely sold on the Chiefs offense.

Wide Receiver


Vincent Jackson, San Diego Chargers

Revis Island may have returned an interception 100 yards for a touchdown, but Marshall was able to get six catches for 100 yards against the Jets. Jackson is a big guy who can stretch the field and should be able to get deep against the Jets.

Sidney Rice,  Seattle Seahawks

No Joe Haden for the Browns means lots of deep shots, especially since I think the Seahawks will have a better chance throwing the ball than they will running against a tough Browns team. Also, I don’t think Charlie Whitehurst is as bad as you might expect.


Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys

I don’t think Bryant lacks talent, but I do think he lacks health and targets. I sincerely believe that with Miles Austin and Jason Witten there aren’t many passes left for Bryant. Austin and Witten have been there since the beginning for Romo.

Brandon Lloyd, St. Louis Rams

Read what I said about AJ Feeley.   AJ Feeley is so bad he may actually cause Romo to play down to his level.