The Zippy and The Chippy – Colts at Bengals (Game 6)


Oh, what a Bizarro NFL season we’re having!   The Bengals are 4-2 and feature a vaunted defense, while the Colts find every which way to lose games.   Ah, well it’s been sadly entertaining, hasn’t it?

The Zippy

  • Kavell Conner surprassed Pat Angerer for the weekly lead in tackles.
  • Donald Brown came from nowhere to break an 18-yard TD run.
  • Delone Carter did what he’s supposed to do, crushin along for 3.2 yards per carry.

The Chippy

  • Pierre Garcon found a new way, and time, to drop the ball.
  • Pat Angerer had fewer than 10 tackles!  See what a few weeks of excellence can do to expectations?
  • Joe Lefeged should learn how to take a knee.
  • Blair White should learn how to take a knee.