Colts Notes for October 13


Will the Colts ever win again?    Will Curtis Painter ever cut his hair?   Will he ever wash his hair?  Will Jim Caldwell follow Theo Epstein to the Cubs?   While we pondered all of these deep questions on Thursday, the Colts continued to “prepare” for the Cincinnati Bengals.

  • Joseph Addai got some good news when he found out that he just strained his hamstring, but he’s not expected to play on Sunday.
  • Caldwell named Painter as the starting quarterback for the rest of the season.  Or someone did, at least.
  • OG Ryan Diem is nearly ready to return to the game action.   Meanwhile, DEs and LBs across the league are angling to be traded to the Colts’ upcoming opponents.
  • If you mix up the letters in “Peyton Manning,” you get “Nmoney Panting.”   That first “N” is silent.