Colts Notes for October 11


I think it’s safe to say that the Colts are now officially in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.   If they end up “winning,” maybe Curtis Painter’s coming run as a starting quarterback will be a nice parting gift as he tries to catch on elsewhere next season.   In the meantime, the heinosity continues:

  • Robert Mathis continues to be unhappy.   Which side of the ball does he play on again?
  • Delone Carter could start next week if Joseph Addai doesn’t heal up from his hamstring injury.
  • Ryan Diem is preparing to practice for the first time in three weeks.
  • Jim Caldwell said that Colts won’t sign a cornerback even though Jerraud Powers is out and Jacob Lacey is more a punter than a CB.   That can only mean that Caldwell will be defending pass routes against the Bengals.
  • The Colts re-signed DT Dan Muir and waived OT Mike Tepper.