What the Enemy Knows : Colts v. Chiefs


Patrick Allen, who runs Arrowhead Addict, has been thinking a lot about the Indianapolis Colts this week, and for good reason.  After all, the Colts and Kansas City Chiefs are locked into a season-long battle in the race for the Number 1 pick next spring, along with a handful of other teams.  The Chiefs notched their first win last week, and a victory over the Colts could seal KC’s Luckless future, especially since it would leave the Colts at 0-5.   So, what about this game has kept Chiefs fans up at night this week?  To find the questions they’re pondering, and my take on those issues, head on over and read Chiefs vs. Colts: Inside the Enemy Camp.   Then, check out what Patrick had to say about this game when he submitted to my grilling in The Trojan Horse.