Could Bruce Chen Save the Colts?


The Indianapolis Colts may have signed Dan Orlovsky, again, on Tuesday to give them some insurance at the quarterback position, but it appears that Jim Irsay and the Polians may be overlooking a potential savior of the season: Bruce Chen.  That’s right, the once promising but largely disappointing major league pitcher has been largely ignored by just about everyone, but he is still available.    The secret of Chen, though, is about to be revealed courtesy of the Boston Red Sox, so the Colts need to act fast.

The Sox, you see, are in the middle of a historic collapse that may land them in a one-game playoff this week, and they are exploring the option of bringing in Chen to right their list.   The only question is, why have they waited so long?  It’s quite obvious that Chen, who currently toils for the lowly Kansas City Royals, has simply been used throughout his career and just needs a change of scenery.

In fact, I would argue that Chen has been grossly misused, in that he belongs under center, not on a mound.  If the Colts can muster the courage to make this move, not only can they effect a turnaround for this season, but they may just open an new talent pipeline for the NFL.  After all, what football team, or MLB contender, couldn’t use a 34-year-old southpaw who performs slightly below the league average??