Colts Sign Quarterback Dan Orlovsky


According to the Indianapolis Star, the Colt s have signed quarterback Dan Orlovsky to their active roster.   Orlovsky, you might recall, was in the mix to be Peyton Manning’s backup before the neck acted up again and Indy snatched Kerry Collins from retirement.    Orlovsky’s signing seems to be a clear indication that Collins won’t be available for the Monday night game in Tampa Bay.   Collins suffered an apparent concussion in Sunday’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

As of right now, it is not known how the Colts made room for Orlovsky on the roster, but Indy now has four QBs on the roster, and none of them could start for another team at this point.    What is pretty certain is that the Colts offense now belongs to Curtis Painter and that Orlovsky will be the backup, just a heartbeat away.    This is not a comforting situation, to be sure, but the Colts really have nothing to lose at this point.   Collins has been statuesque in the pocket and abysmal as a passer, and Painter showed a bit of life at the end of the Steelers game.

This setup should allow us to finally get the Painter monkey off our backs once and for all.  Hopefully, he will either fail spectacularly in an extended look and make Colts management finally realize that his is not a viable QB, or he will shine in his new role and shut up the doubters, like me.  I’d be fine with either outcome, just as long as the team is ready to move forward when #18 eventually comes back.

Lord help the Colts!