Colts Notes for September 26


In the aftermath of the Colts’ near-upset of the Pittsburgh Steelers, many longtime Indianapolis fans spent Monday fending off flashbacks.  I know that I awoke in a cold sweat yesterday morning with a vague image of Jim Harbaugh and a bobbled end-zone ball in my bleeding over from my dreams to my waking world.  Reality isn’t much kinder for this rendition of the Colts and us, their die-hard fans.

  • Owner Jim Irsay let us know that Peyton Manning will be out until December at the very earliest.  If this season continues to unfold as currently charted, let’s just let #18 rest until spring.  What do you say?
  • Kerry Collins didn’t practice with the Colts on Monday, although no official word was given about his probably concussion.
  • Colts coach Jim Caldwell said that the team has no plans to add another quarterback to the roster.  So it looks like this may once again be Curtis Painter’s job, with rookie Mike Hartline sitting on the practice squad, just in case.
  • I spent part of Monday pondering how much more of Collins we’ll see in Indy.   Will he ever take another Colts snap?
  • Since the Colts will next play on Monday night (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), they won’t practice Tuesday or Wednesday.  Maybe some of the ouchies can heal up a bit.