The Zippy and The Chippy – Steelers at Colts (Game 3)


With Peyton Manning in the house, the Colts partied like it was 1996 and nearly upset the mighty Steelers.  It didn’t quite work out, but it sure was a lot more fun than the first two games, wasn’t it?  Oh well, there’s always next week.   And next year.

The Zippy

  • Joseph Addai continues to look better than he has in a couple of years.   Is he stealing some of Peyton Manning’s life force, keeping #18 sidelined?
  • So, Curtis Painter isn’t the second coming of Peyton H. Manning, but he showed us something on Sunday.  Specifically, one of the big gripes about Painter over the last couple of years was that he can’t run a two-minute drill when it’s needed most.  Now we know that he can, indeed, pull off such a feat.
  • Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis both sacked up on the back of injuries and made life miserable for Ben Roethlisberger.
  • Pat Angerer continues to play well in Gary Brackett’s absence, leveling  running backs left and right.  Just don’t turn him loose in pass coverage!

The Chippy

  • Kerry Collins didn’t fumble the ball, but he didn’t really pass it, either (93 yards through the air).  Now he’s looking at a possible concussion and time missed.
  • Jerry Hughes has finally turned completely, maybe irrevocably invisible.
  • Ditto for Donald Brown.
  • Return men Blair White and Joe Lefeged need to find their knees and then use them.  It doesn’t pay for this team to bring the ball out of the end zone.