NFL Power Rankings – Week 2


Starting today, I’ll be publishing my list of NFL power rankings each week sometime after the Monday Night game(s) has concluded.  I, along with fellow AFC South blogger Brandon Clark at Titan Sized, will also be submitting my top 20 teams to the United Football Bloggers, who compile power rankings from several different NFL blogs.

For now, here is how I see the teams after two weeks of games.


1) Green Bay Packers  – The Super Bowl champs haven’t lost, so they’re still the top dog.

2) New England Patriots  – The Patriots roll along year after year.

3) New York Jets  – That defense continues to be nasty.

4) New Orleans Saints – Yes, they’ve lost, but they regained form against the Bears.

5) Detroit Lions  –  Hard to ignore the biggest positive point differential in the league.

6) Philadelphia Eagles  – The Vince Young era looms in Philly.

7) Baltimore Ravens  – Very inconsistent in two weeks.

8) Atlanta Falcons  – Much better against the Eagles than Week 1 loss to Bears.

9)  Pittsburgh Steelers  – It’s been a mixed bag so far, but they should get a big boost against the Colts.

10)  Houston Texans  – Looking good so far, but consider the opponents.

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11) Buffalo Bills  – The Bills are scoring big and keeping things exciting.

12) San Diego Chargers – Should win big against the Chiefs, but this season has been completely unpredictable.

13) Dallas Cowboys  – Noww, Tony Romo is a real cowboy.

14) Chicago Bears  –   The schedule doesn’t lighten up yet as Green Bay visits next.

15) Washington Redskins  – It’s early, but the Redskins are causing a stir in the capital.

16)  New York Giants  – A nice Monday Night win keeps the Giants in the NFC East discussion.

17)  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  – The Bucs were a hot item in the off-season, and they nabbed their first win against Minnesota.

18)  Oakland Raiders  – Believe it or not, the Raiders are not chum, and they continue to terrorize their division foes.

19)  Tennessee Titans  – A win against the Ravens earns them a top-20 berth.

20)  San Francisco 49ers  – May battle for a division title in Jim Harbaugh’s first year.

21)  St. Louis Rams  – Wasn’t this supposed to be the year that they stepped up?

22)  Denver Broncos  – Kyle Orton keeps hanging around and remains better than Tebow.

23)  Arizona Cardinals  – Kolb-to-Fitzgerald could be epic.

24)  Jacksonville Jaguars  –  The Jags could be in for a season-long QB controversy.

25)  Carolina Panthers  – No wins, but plenty of Cam Newton fun.

26)  Cincinnati Bengals  – The pride of Ohio, by virtue of their win over the mighty Browns.

27)  Cleveland Browns  – The pride of Ohio, by virtue of their win over the might Colts.

28)  Miami Dolphins  –  Chad Henne doesn’t look like the answer.

29)  Minnesota Vikings  – It will be tough to make up any ground in the gnarly NFC North.

30) Indianapolis Colts – Indy is proving just how valuable Peyton Manning is … or was.

31)  Kansas City Chiefs – The “good” news is that they get a pissed off Chargers team next.

32) Seattle Seahawks   –  They’re trying to be bad, right?