Colts Notes for September 15


Just a couple of days now until the Colts get a chance to exorcise the ghosts of Week 1.     The Browns seem like a beatable team, but then, nothing is a sure thing with these Colts, is it?  Here is what the `Shoes were up to on Thursday.

  • Kerry Collins praised the Colts receiving corps as the best he’s played with.   No word on whether he plans to throw to them or to continue dribbling at the line of scrimmage on Sunday.
  • Bill Polian said that the Colts remain committed to Jerry Hughes and that they still expect big things from him.  If only all Hugheses got so much leeway!
  • Anthony Gonzalez appears to be healthy and may actually start on Sunday.
  • Among those not practicing for the Colts on Thursday were Eric Foster, Blair White, and Brody Eldridge.