Colts Notes for September 12


Hey, Colts fans!  You’re not feeling down in the dumps just because the `Shoes got shellacked in Reliant Stadium, are you?   Because Jim Caldwell certainly isn’t … heck, he doesn’t even think the Colts will struggle without Peyton Manning.   So buck up, and take a gander at the rest of the Colts Notes for September 12:

  •  Colts not practicing on Monday included Reggie Wayne, Blair White, Tyler Brayton, Lavall Conner, Robert Mathis, Antoine Bethea, Anthony Gonzalez and Gary Brackett.  Seems the session was a one-on-one for Jerry Hughes and Ryan Diem.
  • Ernie Sim is now out “indefinitely” thanks to the sprained knee he suffered in the second quarter Sunday.
  • The Colts released Jamey Richard and claimed OG Seth Olsen off waivers from the Minnesota Vikings.   And so the O-line shuffle continues.
  • Gary Brackett was still sore on Monday.   His shoulder still hurt, too.
  • Kerry Collins used his dislocated index finger to poke Peyton Manning.   You know, just to see if #18 was ready to go yet.    He’s not.

The good news for all of us is that we can now start prepping for the Browns game next Sunday.   It will be really interesting to see if there are significant numbers of empty seats at LOS for the home opener.   I seriously doubt it, but Colts Country is definitely Blue right now!