Rainy Day Colts Fans


The Colts, and their fans, have taken a pounding squarely on the chin in the last couple of days, thanks to the bad news about Peyton Manning’s neck.    There has been a lot of rumbling around the water cooler and on sports radio stations to the effect that “we’ll see how many real Colts fans there are,”  but I think it’s largely bunk.  In a way, the opening of this season is pretty interesting if you are a die-hard Colts and football fan, because we really don’t know what to expect from this team.   If they stink in a bed of roses after four weeks or so, then I can understand some softening of the fan base, but I think we should all sit tight until we know exactly what kind of Colts team this is.

So tell me, loyal Blue and White supporters, how will Manning’s outage affect your fanhood?    Are you in it until the end, are you in wait-and-see mode or have you checked out already?