Fantasy Football Friday Week 1


Welcome to Fantasy Football Friday, where I will give you some insight on a few players around the league who can help you win this week and hopefully eventually win your league.

Running Back


Peyton Hillis will have a great Sunday this week against the Bengals, who aren’t very good against the run and didn’t really improve much this offseason. Hillis is the best weapon the Browns have once again this year, he will get his touches whether it’s rushing or receiving and he will find the endzone.

Beanie Wells is the best option in the backfield for the Cardinals against the Carolina Panthers, who had the 23rd worst run defense in the league last year. After the injury to rookie Ryan Williams, the carries won’t be going to anyone else, at least until Chester Taylor gets comfortable with the offense.


Michael Turner is a solid running back for the Falcons, but the Chicago Bears are so good against the run that last year they allowed 90 yards rushing a game, good  for second best in the league. Another reason I would sit Turner is that the Falcons added Julio Jones, and Matt Ryan is really coming into his own, so I do believe they will pass the ball more this year.

Felix Jones is going up against the New York Jets defense on Sunday Night Football: do I really need to say more? Sit this guy and spare yourself the pain of watching him get shut down by the best defense in football.

Wide Receivers


Other than the fact that he played extremely well last year, Roddy White will go up against the Bears secondary which is light on talent. Last year, the way to beat the Bears was through the air, and not much has changed.

Anquan Boldin is the best receiving option in the Ravens offense, and I like this matchup against the Steelers, especially now that there is someone on the other side stretching the field in Lee Evans. Plus, it’s at home, and I think the only way to beat the Steelers is through the air.


Our own Reggie Wayne may not be worthy of a starting spot on your fantasy team this week, especially since Manning won’t be on the field.

Steve Johnson had a really strong breakout season last season, but this week he goes up against a really good secondary in Kansas City. Last year, he might have slipped past a couple of coverages, but I don’t see that happening now, especially since the departure of Lee Evans.



Josh Freeman will get into a shootout with Matthew Stafford and the Lions, and I would start both of them.  Honestly, neither team has a secondary that really scares me into thinking otherwise. The pass rush for the Lions will be a lot better, however, so I’m a bit higher on Stafford than Freeman.


My concern for Tony Romo isn’t his talent; it’s the fact that the Cowboys are playing the New York Jets, and I believe they do have the best defense in football.

Sam Bradford will have his hands full with the Eagles defense.   Throw in the fact that the Rams don’t have a solid go-to receiver, and I don’t see any chance that Bradford has a good game.



Dallas Clark is one of the best tightends in the NFL, and the key here is that he will be the safest weapon for Kerry Collins in the Colts offense. Collins should be looking for Clark on every pass play since I’m guessing the Colts will be playing a much more conservative style of football.


Owen Daniels should be riding the pine since the Texans won’t spread the ball round much against the Colts and should rely heavily on the running game. There just isn’t any reason to believe Schaub will throw the ball more than 20 times on Sunday, and I’m also not a fan of Andre Johnson this week, though he’s just too good to sit.