Bill Polian Officially Rules Out Peyton Manning for Game 1


Colts vice chairman Bill Polian told ESPN NY 1050 this morning that the team has ruled out Peyton Manning for Game 1 of the 2011 NFL season in Houston on Sunday.    Even at this late date and even with this dire news, I’m still wearing my Pollyanna dress with respect to Manning.   The Colts are notorious obfuscators, as are most pro sports teams, and have a long history of listing Manning on the injured list early in game week.  I’m also incredulous that Manning would step aside on Wednesday for a Sunday game unless he was actually on a surgeon’s table this morning.   Maybe even then.

Still, the Colts have a press conference scheduled for 12:45 pm today, according to WTHR-13, the local NBC affiliate.  That seems like a lot of fuss for a shill, huh?  So maybe my denial is cracking, but I will hold onto it until I see Kerry Collins take that first snap in Reliant.

If Manning IS out, at least maybe that means Brett Favre is finally gone for good.   He could ride into the sunset with his games-started streak firmly under his arm.