Colts Prepare for Season Opener Against Houston Without Manning


This Labor Day weekend was unkind to Colts fans, thanks to some questionable cuts on Friday, the hiring and suspension of Jim Tressel and the ongoing “news” regarding Peyton Manning and his famous neck.   Somewhat lost amid all the hubbub is the fact that the Colts will play their first game of the 2011 season next Sunday in Houston, and Indy DOES have 52 guys not named Jesus who will be available for service against the Texans.   So, let’s assume the worst for the moment, which actually seems pretty likely, and count on Manning’s consecutive starts streak coming to an end.

What then?   Do the Colts stand any chance at all against the Texans, or should Jim Irsay just save the travel cash and keep his team home next weekend?   We’ll spend the rest of the week gearing up for the big game, but first, we want to know how you’re feeling about the contest.      Take our quick poll and give us your thoughts in the comments.