Colts Release Official Statement on Peyton Manning’s Health


After a firestorm of Twitter activity last night, the Indianapolis Colts have released an official statement regarding quarterback Peyton Manning’s continued recovery from off-season neck surgery.   In part, the post on reads

"During the last week, the rate of improvement in Peyton’s rehabilitation process slowed.   Over the weekend Peyton experienced soreness in his back.  It was originally thought to be a normal reaction to his rehabilitation regimen.  When the soreness persisted, the Colts medical team decided to initiate diagnostic tests and to consult with a number of specialists around the country who have been involved in Peyton’s case from the outset.  That process continues.  As a result of the most recent development the doctors have decided that Peyton will not practice. His participation therefore, in Sunday’s game versus Houston will likely be doubtful.  We will update his playing status as required by NFL policy as the week goes on."

Really, this “news” isn’t far off from what we already knew, is it?   Manning is recovering, he’ll be ready when he’s ready, etc.   Two things about this situation and the statement are striking:

  1. The team, for the first time that I can remember, admits that Manning is very iffy for the Houston opener.
  2. Colts management was essentially forced to release this breathtaking update thanks to the Tweets of a local broadcaster with “sources.”

Many have suspected #1 for quite a while, but #2 is a bit unsettling to me.  From out of the Blue last night, a blowhard drive-time radio host dropped a megaton Tweet bomb on Indy, and the outrage and despair reached such a fevered pitch that the Colts apparently felt compelled to respond.   Of course, this kind of insider information comes to the fore online all the time, but it’s usually a blogger or attention-seeker who stirs things up in an effort to gain attention.   This particular dust-up came at the hands of a very visible, and presumably reputable, source, which of course should lend a bit more gravitas to the Tweet.

Aren’t broadcasters supposed to be journalists at their core?   I sure thought so, and I hope that this wasn’t some sort of ratings grab on the part of the radio station involved, which spent decades as Indiana’s pre-eminent local news station before jumping to jock talk by shock jocks.


We probably won’t know the whole truth about Manning’s neck until after he retires, if even then.   We’ll know enough by later this week, though, to determine whether there might be some cheap Colts tickets available this season.   Either way, it’s great to know that we have Hoosier “personalities” to dig through the garbage and deliver smelly little nuggets to our shiny Internet machines.


By the way, did you hear that Dewey beat Truman?