Colts Notes for August 30


Finally, we’ve almost arrived at the most exciting game on the Colts schedule year after year.    That’s right, just one more day until the annual Colts-Bengals preseason game where all truths are revealed.   Here are the clues left for us on Tuesday:

  • Tom James reported at CBS Sports that Kerry Collins will start the game against the Bengals on Thursday.
  • We learned that new Bengal cornerback Kelly Jennings won’t play against the Colts.
  • Cedric Benson apparently won’t play for the Bengals either.
  • Neither will Pete Johnson.
  • Blaire White, Antoine Bethea and Anthony Gonzalez missed practice Tuesday.
  • Austin Collie and Ryan Diem DID practice Tuesday after missing Monday.
  • There are reports that the Colts might be interested in DE Vernon Gholston, so the defensive tinkering may not be over yet.

With big roster cuts looming for the Colts by next Saturday, it seems fairly ominous that Gonzo is still out of practice.   He really needs to get into the lineup on Thursday against the Bengals and make something happen.