The Zippy and The Chippy – Colts Winners and Losers (v. Packers)

The Colts nearly shocked the world by defeating the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers on Friday night, and, if not for the heroics of the Packers’ quarterback, Curtis Painter would have a nice, shiny “W” to his name.   We all knew going into this game, though, that Graham Harrell might single-handedly carry the Pack to victory, and that’s just what he did in the closing ticks.    Even though the Colts were able to snatch another pre-season loss, this game left a much better aftertaste than its predecessors.
Here are this week’s winners and losers on the roster front.

The Zippy

  • Curtis Painter who flashed some competence for maybe the first time ever in a Colts uniform.
  • Delone Carter, who picked up a much-coveted first down on third-and-one and also busted a couple of longer runs.
  • Ernie Sims, who played for the first time since signing with the Colts as a free agent and recorded eight tackles, three of them solo.
  • Tommie Harris, who got a sack.
  • Kerry Collins, because the Colts aren’t paying him millions to backup Painter.
  • Joe Lefeged, who did a solid job with kickoff returns and has already shown nice versatility.
  • Drake Nevis continued to create pressure on the opposing offense and figures to have a future in Indy.

The Chippy

  • Jerry Hughes, last season’t number one pick, continues to struggle at DE and contributed mightily to Green Bay’s comeback.   He may be on his last legs as a Colt.
  • Dan Orlovsky wasn’t terrible on Friday, but Painter is beloved by the organization and showed improvement, while Collins is just getting started in Indy.  Someone has to go, and it’s likely to be Orlovsky (and Mike Hartline).
  • Chip Vaughn, the penalty machine at safety, conspired with Hughes to lose the game.  He’s another fellow likely to gallop his way out of town.
  • Ryan Diem had a false start and troubles handling Clay Matthews, joining other mortals in the latter camp.
  • Jim Caldwell got snookered by another on-side kick.   He won’t be cut this week, but he will be laughed at again.