Colts Notes For August 24


For the Indianapolis Colts, Wednesday was all about quarterbacks.  For better or worse, here are the highlights of the day that was:

  • Jim Caldwell held his morning press conference, though all anyone remembers is what Coach didn’t say.
  • During the press conference,  owner Jim Irsay Tweeted that the Colts had signed quarterback Kerry Collins.
  • After the press conference, Caldwell announced that the Colts had signed quarterback Kerry Collins.
  • Colts fans rejoiced because the team finally has a decent backup QB.
  • Indianapolis media melted down because they felt slighted by the handling of the Collins announcement.
  • Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky drew straws for who gets to play on the practice squad and who gets to walk off into the sunset.   No one is sure which of those scenarios represents a “win.”
  • Colts fans cried in our afternoon coffee because we realized that Collins’ presence means that Peyton Manning may not be ready for the season opener at Houston on September 11.