Leaning Washington Monument Joins Favre, Colts Rumor as Twitter Legends


What do Indianapolis Colts’ owner Jim Irsay and Tuesday’s east coast earthquake have in common?    They both caused a Twitter storm based on partial information and maybe a little tongue-in-cheek mental jabbing.   Last week, Irsay Tweeted that he was in Mississippi, looking for directions, and fans and the national media ran with the story.   Brett Favre was coming to the Colts!!

Today, the first Virginia earthquake in eons shook up the east coast of the United States, including Washington, D.C.   Almost immediately, someone posted a highly suspicious photo of the Washington Monument leaning to one side, and there were a few quips from police officers that added gas to the fire.

Twitter is great, Twitter is good, but Twitter is not necessarily a reliable source of news.    The Washington Monument is probably fine, Brett Favre hasn’t signed with the Colts and Peyton Manning’s neck still connects his head to his body.    I have heard, though, that Manning himself may be leaning toward sitting out the game against the Packers on Friday!