Colts News Flash: Terrelle Pryor Will Not Replace Peyton Manning


With all of the consternation that Peyton Manning’s neck injury has brought to Colts Country in the last couple of months, lots of silly rumors have emerged.   To wit, Brett Favre is coming to town;  Jeff Saturday will take a couple of steps back to the QB position; and Manning will come back to the team soon, but as a punter.    One unsavory idea that we can lay to rest is that the Colts are considering former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor as an insurance policy for Manning’s neck.   On Monday, Pryor was taken in the third round of the supplemental draft by  *drumroll*   the Oakland Raiders.     Al Davis saves the day again!

So, this is one Jim Irsay Tweet that has actually come to pass.     Any truth to the others?