Believe Favre-to-Colts Rumors When the Gunslinger Rides Into Town

By Editorial Staff

Jim Irsay has caused a huge Twitter storm today with his Tweet suggesting that he’s in Brett Favre’s hometown and winding his way toward number four’s house.   Irsay loves to interact with Colts fans, and he has been known to yank our chains, too.    If you’re going to give fans unprecedented access to the top levels of an organization, why not have a little fun along the way, right?

All of which is to say that Irsay’s Tweet has about as much salt in it as the Mississippi bay water that Favre knows so well.   My bet is that Irsay is just giving us a ride, but that Peyton Manning is no sure bet to open the season off the PUP list.   If Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky are the QBs on the roster by the time the Colts play the Packers on Friday, Manning is OK.   Otherwise, be worried.

Either way, I will believe that Favre is a Colts when I see that he has wrangled the number four jersey away from Adam Vinatieri.