Recap of Colts v. Redskins (Pre-Season Game #2)


The Colts played their pre-season home opener Friday night against the Washington Redskins, and the result was the same as in Indy’s previous seven exhibition tilts: they lost, this time 16-3.     That’s actually being really charitable, though, because it looked like most of the Colts were still in Anderson, even though this game was played at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.    “It’s just pre-season” is the alibi that we keep hearing from the Horseshoe brass, but that that is only a viable motto when something, anything good is happening on the field.   Things look fairly bleak right now.

Curtis Painter might as well have been Matt Painter at QB, failing to lead the offense as far as their own 30-yard line.   Dan Orlovsky wasn’t much better, and the the two racked up only 95 yards passing.  The Colts stunk it up on the ground, too, rushing 17 times for 55 yards.   That was all she wrote offensively: 150 total yards.

If you’re looking for comfort on the defensive side of the house, keep moving.  The tally there was 215 yards rushing and 228 yards receiving.   Those totals included a whopping 6.1 yards per carry for the Redskins and a 101 QB rating for starter John Beck.   The Colts did tally four sacks, including a half of one by Jerry Hughes, but that stat does little to offset the fact that this team appears to be a long way from being ready for the season.   After all, even if Peyton Manning is back by opening day, there is only so much that he can do.

Never fear, though, because the Colts may draft Terrelle Pryor.   Yay.