The Trojan Horse: Colts v. Redskins


Each week during the season (and pre-season) we’ll talk with the FanSided editor who covers the Colts’ upcoming opponent and try to get a better understanding of the enemy before us.    This time around, we pull our Trojan Horse up outside of the Washington Redskins’ gate and talk to Ryan John Estorninos of Riggos Rag.

What areas did the Redskins improve the most this off-season?
Despite the over analysis of the quarterback situation, the Redskins improved their defensive line greatly.  Adding Barry Cofield, from the New York Giants, and Stephen Bowen, from Dallas, will certainly add much needed push at the front.  

Are there any particularly intriguing position battles that we should watch on Friday?  Grossman v. Beck, maybe?
Grossman/Beck is too easy of a battle to concern yourself with.  Grossman had a very good outting on Friday versus the Steelers.  Beck will have to duplicate it to keep in stride as he has already missed significant time with a bad groin.The sleep position to watch is wide receiver.  Can can Dante Stallworth overtake a rookie like Hankerson, or even steal a spot from Anthony Armstrong?  He looked good on Friday, and seems to be in a good rhythm in this offense. 

How much of the starting lineup do you think we’ll see against the Colts?
Not too sure, at this point we don’t know what the final depth chart will look like.  I would say its safe to say a half.

How good do you think Washington can be this year, and do you think they have a shot at the playoffs?

Better this year? Yes.  Playoffs, unlikely.  The NFC is stacked too deep and teams will have to certainly plummet as the Skins soar.  I don’t see it.  But they will be better.

Any predictions for the game with Colts, either in terms of actual score or interesting developments?
It’s foolish to predict a preseason score, but I will bet that we see lots of the Skins 1st and 2nd strings vs. the Colt 2nd and 3rds.  The Skins need work, and any type of game experience will benefit them.