The Zippy and the Chippy – Colts Winners and Losers


After a few hours to sleep on the Colts’ first pre-season game, a mostly ugly contest against the St. Louis Rams, it’s time to look a bit deeper and talk about who did what last night.   Here, then, are the Colts whose stock rose or fell against the Rams, based on their depth-chart spots and their performances in the game.   (Note:  Zippy Chippy is a thoroughbred racehorse who is winless in 100 races, making him arguably the most futile equine sportster of all time.  For our purposes, the Zippy Colts are those who are rising through the ranks, “zipping” along toward what we hope will be better fortunes with the team.  The Chippy Colts are those who awoke today a bit touchy and irritable.   They are “chippy” thanks to their recent level of play.)


Dan Orlovsky, QB

Orlovsky lands here by default, thanks to Curtis Painter’s continued yuckiness.  Orlovsky threw an interception in his first series, but he otherwise somewhat resembled an NFL quarterback.   Painter really didn’t.

Philip Wheeler and Adrian Moten, LB

These two linebackers made their case for consistent playing time with some big hits and solid contributions overall.   Wheeler is

already a Number 2 and probably won’t be a starter barring injury, but Moten is making a big push for moving up from his current Number 3 ranking on the right side.

Delone Carter, RB

The rookie is listed as the Colts’ fourth running back, but everyone expects him to get a real shot at decent playing time alongside Joseph Addai.  Last night, he carried the ball six times for 29 yards and should just be getting warmed up.

Darren Evans, RB

A local product, Evans is not on the depth chart at all, but he got eight carries for 52 yards, including a 23-yard run.

Drake Nevis, DT

On a night when the Rams ran pretty easily, any bright spot at tackle for the Colts stood out.  Nevis pressured QB Sam Bradford and made a good stop on the Rams’ top runner, Cadillac Williams.

Anthony Castonzo and Ben Ijalana, OT

The future of the O-line, both Castonzo and Ijalana got their first playing time and showed that they won’t necessarily be man-handled.  They’re not at the top of the depth chart but they should be soon.


 Curtis Painter, QB

Painter is listed as the backup, but he has yet to show much over several years now.   It’s time to move him down.

Jerry Hughes, DE

We’ve heard during camp that Hughes looks better this year and that he is ready to put his disappointing rookie season behind him.  After getting run over and through last night, it looks like he still has a lot of work to do.

Chad Spann, RB

Spann, listed as the Number 2 kick returner, is another local.   He started strong with a 28-yard return and then bobbled a ball in the end zone and never really seemed to get back on track.   His showing on offense was weak, and he’ll need to stick on special teams if he’s going to stick at all.