Recap of Colts at Rams (Pre-Season Game #1)


The Colts traveled to St. Louis to take on the Rams tonight, and they boys in blue really looked like it was pre-season.     The Colts ended up losing 33-10, and it could have been worse.    Here are few thoughts from tonight’s action.

  • Curtis Painter looked bad early in the first quarter, and the Pierre Garcon made him look good with a ridiculous catch.
  • Jerry Hughes added little credence to the reports that he is turning things around this season.   Looked pretty bad.
  • Chad Spann muffed a ball in the end zone and was pretty pedestrian on his other kickoff returns.  Poor showing on special teams in first half.
  • Spann redeemed himself somewhat with strong running and pass-catching in first drive or second half.   He could go either way but probably needs to contribute on ST to stick with team.
  • Joe Lefeged made some decent plays but looks inexperienced.  Of course, he is.
  • Drake Nevis looked like a real Colt: undersized, but making plays and pressuring the QB.
  • Donald Brown actually showed a little running pop for a change.
  • Young O-line did good job of buying time for QBs and RBs.   Strength here could be difference between Super Bowl and missing playoffs.
  • Stop me if you’ve heard this before … third-and-one, up the middle, no gain.   Ugh!